About AZ Addiction Center

Our Mission

The mission of AZ Addiction Center in AZ is to help men and women recover from chronic drug and alcohol addiction. We do this through the multiple pathways to recovery, and a Medicated Assisted Treatment philosophy.

We want you to be the absolute amazing person we know you are.
Join us today and begin your journey.

AZ Addiction Center

Gaining a life of sobriety in AZ is truly a gift. The sprawling landscapes will take your breath away. You can go hiking at any time. In each season you have something enjoyable to do in nature.

The addiction recovery community is amazing and always available to help you on your journey. 

Arizona understands that the problem with drugs and alcohol will not be solved easily and is working to provide outstanding treatment and living options. AZ Addiction Center works hand in hand with the state of Arizona in developing the best standards.

So when you choose AZ Addiction Center you can be sure you are getting the best quality living conditions and opportunities to excel in your journey into recovery from addiction.