AZ Addiction Recovery

Our Sober Living Program

Getting Started With AZ Addiction Center

 At Arizona Addiction Center, our guests will have the opportunity to participate in weekly activities and service projects while settling into new surroundings and having some fun in sobriety.

This orientation period will also help guests develop connections with people to begin building a strong network of sober friends.

AZ Addiction Center Features:


  • Medicated Assisted Treatment available
  • Staff guided vocational training (resume, interview preparation, budgeting, time management, cleanliness, shopping, cooking, etc.)
  • Fitness goal setting from local experts.
  • Meditation workshops.
  • Continued recovery, commitment, and accountability.
  • Family support meetings.
  • Community support projects.
  • Individual support with Staff twice a week.
  • Recreation activities (hiking, camping, kayaking, skiing & snowboarding, and house dinners together).
  • 2 – 3 in-house groups a week.


After the orientation period with AZ Addiction Center, guests will begin to set out into the city and use the employment and vocational skills established earlier in their stay. After acquiring jobs or schooling, they will begin to create healthy routines through the schedule and curfews. 

We support Medicated Assisted Treatment while doing your steps. We want you to start your journey anyway possible and have a goal of abstinence-based recovery. While that is not required and you can move at your own comfort level. We want you to succeed in life and sobriety without judgment of your path.

Men and women early in addiction recovery can begin to become distracted by less important details, and their personal recoveries from addiction can begin to lose their importance. Therefore, we hold our guests accountable for the actions they take in recovery. Pointing out what is working and identifying what is not working. This allows each guest to have an individualized addiction recovery. Peer to peer interaction is vital to the community here at AZ Addiction Center. The men of the AZ Addiction Center help newer members adjust to their new surroundings and provide additional direction to make the transition more comfortable.

A connection is the antithesis of addiction and we believe having a strong sober living community.


Below is a list of items to bring with you during your residency at AZ Addiction Center.

  • Clothes (indoor & outdoor)
  • Current medications (will need to be turned into staff)
  • Electronics (will need to be turned into staff)


  • Lap Top
  • Phone

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